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Gregg Allman Blog – Experiencing Heroes pt.100711

Experiencing Heroes pt.100711
Gregg Allman Band 10Jul11 in Bonn… Gregg, the blues legend, back in Germany
after incredible long 20years…
He is one of last of the very few white legends, who can sing the Blues!
What a brilliant concert with special guests Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks,
his Band mate in the Allman Brothers Band. Young RJ was fully impressed
about what blues all can do and has checked since about the roots of Rock’nRoll.
Gregg and his band played a magic gig with everything an Allman fan loves!
An extraordinary performance of Gregg, who unluckily got seriously ill 2 days later
being hospitalized here in Germany…an after-effect of his operation last year?
Hopefully he will recover very soon!
We wish him all the best…   Our ‘Bloos’ song is for you, Gregg, come on and
rock on!

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