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*LIVE  theBODI.es GO fAT stINGRays  LIVE* ‘FRANKFURTER ALTERNATIVE SCHULE’ celebrates its KLASSENTREFFEN 2014 on Saturday, 01NOV2014 (doors 19:30h) with PLEASE, FUNERAL FIRE and theBODI.es at ELFER Music Club, Klappergasse 5-7, Frankfurt am Main http://www.backstagepro.de/pleasetheband http://www.backstagepro.de/funeralfire www.thebodi.es, www.thebodies.de www.fatstingrays.com www.11-er.de ….more details to come!

LIVE in the Madison “Spritzehouse” Garden! Friday 24Jan2014 at Spritzehaus, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen featuring ELECTRICK SOUP (aka AutoPlay) ! theBODI.es honour and present fantastic moments of rock history like “Blitzkrieg Bop”, “Basket Case” or “Don’t Cry” with best memories to the fAT stINGRays times and the strong support from our friends of ELECTRICK SOUP (aka AutoPlay). DON’T […]

there we go. This is the first music video release – “we don’t care”  

Happy Birthday Henry! Outstanding performance in Mannheim! Everybody who missed you, still lives in the pink world of illusion, blindly slingering into the chaos of doom, waking up, maybe luckily enough, to realize one is already dead! Clear words, clear statements, always constructive critical, straight foreward with best sense of humour…. nearly forgotten, that your […]

December 29th, we’ll have our traditional years end meeting at Shaft’s new mansion. Just hanging around with friends – having some salmon from the Bok family and enjoying ourselves. It will be a filicitious end of a great year…let’s head for a challenging 2012. Pictures of the event will follow as usual.

The first print of our NEW ALBUM ‘we DON’T care’ has been delivered! Funtastic Artwork…. check Master RJ Smear, the alphaWOLF! The content: POWER & EXCELLENCE, of which you always were waiting for! Produced by Heinz Hess Mastered by Howie Weinberg Official release will be Fri 07Oct11 Release Party soon to be announced…..

Experiencing Heroes pt.100711 Gregg Allman Band 10Jul11 in Bonn… Gregg, the blues legend, back in Germany after incredible long 20years… He is one of last of the very few white legends, who can sing the Blues! What a brilliant concert with special guests Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, his Band mate in the Allman Brothers […]

On 18Dec10 we recorded the final backing vocals for an epos we started to elaborate at Heinz Hess’ Art Of June Studios on 29Oct10. For us it was impossible to imagine how things developed over that period, how the songs gained on beauty, power and exellence with us fully caught in unbelievable creativity with highest commitment to […]