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Studio Works Update

On 18Dec10 we recorded the final backing vocals for an epos we started to elaborate at Heinz Hess’ Art Of June Studios on 29Oct10.
For us it was impossible to imagine how things developed over that period, how the songs gained on beauty, power and exellence with us fully caught in unbelievable creativity with highest commitment to give everything… Heinz, engenieer, producer, motivator and microphone magician, already did such an incredible job microphing and recording, that our 13 songs for our new album ‘We Don’t Care’ unmixed blew away our minds.
Here you’ll get your first visual kicks!
Heinz meanwhile is very busy with the mixing job and I don’t know, what will happen after listening the 1st time the mixed album… the collaps in joy, hyperventilation, boiling blood, warm water down the leg?!?
We are so full of tension, we nearly cannot resist to wait…
Ha, Ha … but you need to wait even longer… until production process and of course incomparable art work by famous RJ Smear a.k.a. alphaWOLF will be finalized!
Will keep you updated! Hammer

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