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Joe Bonamassa in Stuttgart…. Derek has had the honour to follow Mr Detlef ‘Guitar Point’ Alder to Stuttgart to meet his vintage guitar buddies, Joe and his guitar tech Mike, backstage, on stage and in front of the stage. Wittnessing Joe, Mike and Detlef exchanging all their experiences and philisophies about historic guitars even playing […]

Unbelievable… you nearly could touch the band as the venue in Offenbach was not sold out… what a bad promotion campaign here in GER, unbelievable! Only insider got to know that your heroes are in town…. BUT for the fans it was an extraordinary event experiencing your buddies in a nearly intimate atmosphere… it must […]

Happy Birthday Henry! Outstanding performance in Mannheim! Everybody who missed you, still lives in the pink world of illusion, blindly slingering into the chaos of doom, waking up, maybe luckily enough, to realize one is already dead! Clear words, clear statements, always constructive critical, straight foreward with best sense of humour…. nearly forgotten, that your […]

It never occured, that Hammer attended 4 concerts in row with the main act being a singing woman! But it was an exicting experience as Ladies like Anna Vissi (05Nov11), again Sade (16Nov11), Ami Lee from and with Evanescence (17Nov11) and Sharon from and with Within Temptation (25Nov11) performed brilliantly with exceptional bands and incredible […]

Experiencing Heroes pt.100711 Gregg Allman Band 10Jul11 in Bonn… Gregg, the blues legend, back in Germany after incredible long 20years… He is one of last of the very few white legends, who can sing the Blues! What a brilliant concert with special guests Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, his Band mate in the Allman Brothers […]

(2may11) Experiencing Heroes pt.11512: Sade 12may11 in Frankfurt… The Lady… The Beauty… The Muse… The Unreachable! ..you still have the chance to see her live this year as she is on World Tour and will come back to Germany in November again. For Derek, the hard one, this concert was one of the most beautiful […]