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Rectifier Experience

My first near contact with an Mesa Boogie Rectifier was mind blowing! There was a german band from Koblenz, which was playing here in Frankfurt at Elfer. The kind of music these dudes – the band called Six Reasons To Kill – were playing was not realy my thing, but the the guitar sound was f*****g  awesome! I walked near to the stage and I saw exactly what I was expecting to see: an Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier! The sound was HUGE, riffs was coming out of it like huge fists in the  face! F*****g brutal and tight. The clean sound was brilliant and clear! This kept going on and on, till the end of the gig.

After this awesome sound manifest was over, I had to do it, I had to ask the guitarist how does he gets this awesome sound out of this diamond plated monster! I was expecting to see Tubescreamers, boosters and all these stuff in front of the amp, but none of them was there. Just the naked amp! I was petrified! This HUGE sound with just an amp and a guitar. This was it, I knew I had to get one of those monsters and guess what, I have one now…. a Triple Rectifier!

Stay tuned for some mind blowing riffs, solos and all kind of guitar shit!


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