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27May13 – big thank you!


for all of you, who made it to that evening in the ZOOM!
Yes, fans you first….
Yes, you as well… Cumalot, Diamond and Shaft without  you no theBODI.es, no show….
Yes, RJ Smear and this time in particular an extra ordinary ‘thank you’ goes to you! Being the fifth band member you are not that often in the spotlight…. and you were one of the main reasons, why we had one of the coolest gigs that night!
Yes, chief-roadie, Ufuk, you for sure….
Yes, Sinisa… without you, no theBODIes show. …and to be honest and Hammer will not forget, without you Kermit still would dominate and your kick and inspiration to push the singer and the band would be barely missed!

Against all ‘Thank You’ arrogance we normally present
we are very much pleased, super happy and incredibly lucky having so cool, honest and kind people around us!
…over the last 5 respectively 10 years!
…we DON’T want to miss it!
…and a simple thank you cannot really express, how we feel inner deep!
Cheers, Hammer

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