13 – November – 2010 – theBODi.es

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Archiv für November 13th, 2010

October 30th studio work at Art of June Studios Frankfurt/Main. The recorded tracks are the base for our upcoming album. Thank you Heinz for your great support. Photography by Sebastian Wolf 2010

August 27th at Sinkkasten Frankfurt/Main Downtown… copyrights & photography by Sebastian Wolf 2010

April 10th demo recording at TwentoneStudio Offenbach/Main. Full analogue recording. Photography by Sebastian Wolf 2010

Jaunuar 09th at Spritzehaus Frankfurt/Main – together with “the Bordells”. copyrights & photography by Sebastian Wolf 2010

August 28th at Sinkkasten Frankfurt/Main Downtown…now the first time on stage with Charles Cumalot II. copyrights & photography by Sebastian Wolf 2009

April 29th at Sinkkasten Frankfurt/Main Downtown copyrights & photography by Sebastian Wolf 2009

40 years White-Album // in honor of TheBeatles – theBODi.es are invited to play their hommage on the White-Album // live at Batschkapp copyrights & photography by Sebastian Wolf 2008

11oct08 together with ROMP from U.K. – the first Bank-Rock session. photography by Marco Nielen 2008

“……the spirit of the “fAT stINGRays” presents the new born culture shock “theBODi.es” the experience beyond sex! In the year 2003 a significant event caused a heavy cultural impact in Germany especially in Frankfurt Rhein-Main at the moment, when the fAT stINGRays decided to shake the music world once more with thunderous Punk music based […]

aka: El Wizz Tuchelix Investment Punker 10April1870 Hillvalleyhill Emmental/Switzerland vocals & bass Fender & Gibson QUOTE: ‘Jetzt gibt’s ‘was auf die Fresse !!!’ or ‘Crucial, my dreadful torture will be cheap!’

aka: Fritz Der Dirigent Der Snare-Streichler Der Pate (The Godfather) the butcher that needs no knives Heart Surgeon 14Apr1872 Frankfurt Greece or Germany, has decided for FRITZ drums Premier QUOTE: ‘No, I play it like this for a reason, it’s not a bug, Derek, it’s a feature!’

aka: Satanas M. Alaka locomotive dreamer 12Jun2088 DeFlorina Greece stunt guitar & vocals Gibson, PRS & Ibanez QUOTE: ‘Malaka, I’ve seen it, the drummer played wrong….!’

aka: Cher Cumalot Heartbreaker and GateCrasher 03Nov1976 the only German being born somewhere in Germany only. blues guitar & vocals Gibson & Fender QUOTE: ‘What does ‘aprilloth’ mean, Gumiris?’